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The Fastest Single Seater Championship In the UK!

If you're thinking about racing a single seater in 2021 then why not join the fastest single seater championship in the UK!

Our provisional calendar for 2021 sees us visit some of the best tracks in the UK and a track we have never visited before, Castle Combe!

F3 Cup is now managed by Monoposto Racing Club, a new era is set to commence for the championship!

Firstly we have new classes, allowing the F317 to run in its own class in ‘Euro Formula Spec’ meaning the F312 and F308 now have their own class.


Weight and tyre regulations will also be changed with further details to follow.

In addition to all of this the open invitation class will permit the very latest F3 Cars to race within the championship!

Watch this space for more 2021 updates!

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